What the Heck is Masculine and Feminine Energy?

For a romantic relationship to flourish, there must be the infusion of both feminine and masculine energy to it. Most of you are unconscious of this. Meaning, you are not aware that you are exuding masculine energy and wonder why these men pull away, lose attraction or bail out along the course of the relationship. The truth is, you have both the masculine and feminine energies in you. However, these energies must be channeled in all the right places in order to bring satisfaction and balance to your life. With regards to dealing with men, especially in dating, your feminine energy is the key and surely what a masculine man craves for. She lets him initiate a text message, phone call, or plan a date. She never lifts a finger to move the relationship forward or row the boat to keep a man around. She just enjoys the unfolding of the relationship and following his lead.

Feminine and Masculine energy: Part 3 – Masculine Energy Explained

In continuing with my posts on feminine and masculine energy, this blog focuses on masculine energy and what it looks like. Men and women possess both masculine and feminine energy. Men should not stifle their feminine energy nor should women stifle their masculine energy; each has its place and purpose. This article focuses on masculine energy, how it is expressed, and how it exhibits in the dating and relationship dynamic.

Masculine energy is focused, goal-oriented, energized, motivated, and driven. Masculine energy is the energy of the working environment and the more high pressure, goal oriented the work, the more male energy is required.

At 27 years old my 10 year relationship ended, and I was thrust into the modern dating scene with ZERO CLUE how to function in it. I then spent.

So, I met this great gal on a project I was working on. We tossed several FB messages back and forth and then there was an exchange of numbers. I was near her neck of the woods and admitted that I was a bit out of my element. Luckily she said she knew a groovy place for us to meet. I get there a little early, grab a cocktail and within minutes she is joining me at the bar. The conversation is exciting and she is hitting upon some invigorating topics.

She lights up the room as she shares her take on all things vocational, spiritual and political. She is pretty darn smart, well grounded and opinionated. As the conversation goes deeper, so do the drinks, and before I know it she is ordering the 4th round. Then she suggests we do a shot on the next one! At first I was a bit surprised, but then I found it sexy. This gal is asking me to man up and keep up with her, so my male machismo kicks in and I throw back a double of Jameson.

We get into our careers and she talks about the success she has been having the past two years and the financial freedom it has given her. She then suggests that I am not living up to my fullest potential and could be doing more with my career.

Episode 4 – The Masculine and The Feminine

In a previous article on The Way of Men , I presented a very practical, straight forward explanation of what it means to be a man. Biologically, men are designed to protect the tribe from outside threats; this was their purpose for millions of years. To clarify, I am not confirming nor denying the existence of a non-physical world.

I’ve had this question for quite a while, and I couldn’t find a definite answer. What should a man who leans more feminine do? Is it better to seek.

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In this 6-minute video […]. Sarah is probably like many of you in that she falls in love fast and she considers herself a woman who loves deeply and hard. But, of […].

Dating Advice About Masculine Versus Feminine Energy

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When you connect with your feminine energy, you’ll become irresistible! Why? Because feminine allure is a powerful thing, and masculine men (the kind you want.

Almost exactly 6 years ago, the man I thought I was meant to marry vanished without a word. I was devastated to say the least. What seemed to be the biggest heartbreak of my life was actually the most amazing thing to happen in my life. I was led to the most important information I believe any woman could ever learn! The awareness of feminine energy and masculine energy and how it can either bring more love to you than you could ever imagine or push love away.

Your goddess energy — being, feeling, receiving, responding, allowing and trusting energy is your most empowered state. You are super charged with loving, healing energy. When we get out of our masculine energy — which is absolutely amazing — and stop thinking, doing, planning, advising, making things happen energy, we open up the space to receive love, guidance, and inspiration. I know I was Divinely led to my highest growth and expansion. I know deep in my soul — what I learned about men and love — is the most important information a woman could learn and put into practice on a daily basis.

We attract our energetic match.

2) Don’t Attach to an Outcome

Many men, especially good-hearted introverted ones, tend to suppress anything that could be misinterpreted as abrasive, brash, or hot-tempered. I certainly was repressing mine, and sometimes still catch myself doing it again. As such, these energies can be expressed in a good way benevolent badass or in a dark way overpowering, controlling, and hurting others. I think many introverts fall into this trap, and it is one of the main reasons we have trouble feeling and being attractive.

While things have changed since I was in my teens dating, the law of masculine and female energy still holds true and men want to feel they.

Started by Don Wei , July Posted July Ok so in my life I have met a lot of different women, but something feels different about very feminine women. When I meet them I feel a lot more attracted to them, not only physically but also to their personality and overal energy. Meeting these kind of women can be pretty rare and it often gets more difficult to be calm and masculine around them not always.

This often makes them lose attraction, so I thought maybe if I get more in my masculine energy I can attract more of these kind of women.

Masculine Energy

Do you initiate contact via texting, facebook messages just to check what he’s doing, or follow up about when you’re going to meet again? Perhaps you find yourself “Waiting” for him, and don’t confirm plans with friends to keep your diary free “just in case”, and go even at short notice. Do you fall into the supporting counsellor role?

Masculine and feminine energies are not based on gender. Any person, male or female, can embody either energy. What’s most important to make the law of.

Online dating is a numbers game. As you are getting a lot of people looking at your profile, the same holds true for the men or women who you are conversing with. Many are dating more than one, which should be happening until you commit to being exclusive. While things have changed since I was in my teens dating, the law of masculine and female energy still holds true and men want to feel they are working and vying for your attention. You will undoubtedly chase him away.

So, guys, do the work. If you find someone who you like, take the step, take charge and make the initial moves. Have the woman meet you halfway emotionally. If you are a woman, let the man lead. How do you do this?

How Masculine Men Protect Women’s Feminine Energy

As I have mentioned previously in some of my articles, understanding the exchange of energies in romantic relationships can often be the single, most defining factor in the success of romantic relationships. Learn the 6 Steps to Attracting Your Soulmate in my free guide [click here to download]. The two primary energies that I help my clients understand and balance are the masculine and feminine energies.

When a man is trying to flirt with a woman on a date who has a lot of masculine energy, she basically ends up going into interrogation mode.

Everything you need to live a life in total balance from the authority in well-being. Deepen your well-being practices and develop techniques to teach others with a prestigious Chopra certification. Sun and moon. Light and dark. Day and night. Inhale and exhale. There are binaries that exist in nature. They are each essential and fundamental for the existence of the other.

There is no daytime without the nighttime.

8 Powerful Exercises To Increase Your Masculine Energy

If you learn how to be in your feminine energy you will start to see a huge shift in the type of men you attract and the lengths they will go to in order to be with you. Before I really get into things I want to say, this is not about playing a game, manipulating, or using men in any way. Sexual polarity is what creates passion, attraction, and intimacy.

You see there can only be one alpha in a relationship. Alpha men want to be the one in charge of the relationship.

Have you heard of masculine and feminine energy? Find out how it effects your dating life and the men you attract. What do feminine women.

Is your sexual energy Masculine or Feminine? In this fascinating episode, Radical Dating guest expert Joanna Shakti guides our clients to identify and embrace their masculine or feminine sexual essence as they prepare to find the love of their life. Want more? To our viewers from Joanna Shakti of Ecstatic Intimacy:. The first seconds of a connection set the stage for all your future passion… and it has much less to do with your pheromones than you might imagine. An unseen, yet totally felt, energy speaks volumes between lovers or potential lovers.

Others call it masculine-feminine energy. And, yes, the stage is set for that in the initial seconds of interaction. Some dating coaches will say that the energy dynamic of the relationship forms based on who speaks the first word. In my experience it happens before you have a chance to speak the first word. It has everything to do with who winks, writes, approaches, and speaks. From there, it has everything to do with who asks who out, who touches who first, who calls, who kisses, and so on.

Let me explain.

Masculine Woman Dating a Feminine Man – SC 109

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